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Signature Poke Bowls

poke bowl

b40 Island

Salmon, spicy tuna, tuna, crab meat, seaweed salad, #6 everything,
#7 everything and avocado, white rice & salad base sesame shoyu and wasabi aioli.

Ahi Tuna

Tuna, green and white onions, cucumber, chili flakes, crab meat,
dried seaweed, furikake, crunch onion, avocado, white rice base
and sesame shoyu

Alaskan Classic

Salmon, green and white onions, cucumber, edamame,
crab meat, crunch onion, avocado, dried seaweed, white rice base
and srirach aioli

Tornado Bomb

Red snapper, cucumber, green and white onion, jalapeno, crab meat,
sweet corn, masago, ginger (picked), furikake, crunch onion,
dried seaweed, white rice base and spicy sesame shoyu

Shrimp Lovers

Shrimp (cooked), popcorn shrimp, cucumber, green and white onion, sweet corn, crab meat,and dried seaweed, furikake, crunch onion, white rice base and wasabi aioli


We love hearing from our customers!
“ So far this is my favorite poke place in DFW! I love the bright clean atmosphere, no fuss menu, friendly staff and delicious poke bowls! The quality of the fish is excellent and produce is very fresh. The portions are great for the price, I've been to many other places with smaller servings, but for the same price (without the extras). The fish cuts are also huge, they definitely don't skimp on the fish! I will definitely be coming here more to try everything”
Kristina S.
from google
“ The staff is always super friendly and their service is very quick. The food is light and fresh and they answered my questions about ingredients. They are very helpful and walked me through the ordering process my first visit there. The small is great if you’re feeling snackish, the large is suitable for a lunch or dinner that won’t leave you feeling heavy in the gut or over full.”
Elizabeth H.
from google
“Love LOVE this place. I go once a week and the owners are extremely kind with miso on the house! The food is always fresh and delicious with amazing consistency. I've never had an issue with my food in my entire time going here and I've been coming for more than 2 years now. Excellent service, large array of ingredients, everything fresh, what else could you want? ”
Rero F.
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